My Career Mentor, is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to help youth and young adults in underserved communities with career assessment and other essential tools for success.We provide an environment of self-discovery that develops critical-thinking, ethics, and confidence. Our goal is to develop independent, strong, and resourceful individuals 
About Us
Talent Evaluation
Individual aptitude assessments are given to all of our students to discover a positive career path. 
Career Advisors
Our counselors are trained to analyze the results of our assessments to be able to guide the students toward a fulfilling career choice.
MCM Summits
Career-focused workshops will be given year-round to allow our students to meet with a full range of professionals.
Economic Literacy
We will teach positive financial habits and choices. Our students will understand how to use earnings to create fiscal security.  
Career Exposure
Our students will experience networking in their assessed fields with our program of year-round part-time internships.
School Engagement
 We partner with local school administrators to assist in matching the students school curriculum with their career aspirations.