About Us

We bring together key elements for personal and professional success in one place. My Career Mentor seeks to improve our mentees capacity for  economic sustainability, ethics, and confidence in underserved communities. We will continue to expand with opportunities for partnerships and sponsorships with exceptional organizations that assist us in the mentoring process.

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them” – Chris Grosser

Senior Sales Consultant, Tesla

Services Offered

All of our mentees may take advantage of these services and their specified career trainings & workshops. We support the whole learning experience for a more enriching experience.

Talent Evaluations

Aptitude assessments are given to all youth and young adult participants to discover their potential career paths and plans for their future professional goals.

Career Advisory

Our advisors are trained to analyze the results of each assessment and act as a personal guide during the entire mentoring experience.

Economic Literacy

We provide financial literacy to all of our mentees for their personal knowledge and  development of their communities.

Career Exposure

Our mentees learn how to build networking skills with our summits, internships, and workshops.

School Engagement

We partner with school administrators & other noted professionals who serve youth to match their current formal curriculum with their assessed career interests.

MCM Summits

Every month, current members and alumni can take advantage of our panels of experts and engage with a full range of professionals.

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